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heteroclite offer: EMAAR is giving birth to a new City in Dubai Creek Harbour

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Creek Edge by Emaar Properties Creek Edge by Emaar Properties is a collection of sophisticated apartments located in the scenic and pleasing development of Dubai Creek Harbor. Capturing the essence of harbor and marina lifestyle, residents are sure to marvel at the breathtaking and peaceful community. Creek Edge are surrounded by yacht clubs, pools, a retail podium and a boulevard bustling with activity. Its distinct architectural design in its master plan adds to the overall beauty of the individual homes. With yacht clubs, a world-class marina, retail podium, and bustling boulevard, one cannot simply miss out the upscale lifestyle. Location This highly eye-catching collection is made of two picturesque towers that one of them is 20-story and another one is a 40-story elegant tower which is located at one of the most desirable spots in this beautiful city , “the Creek island ” at north of downtown Dubai where the pleasure of walking in a dream beach and the joy brought by yachting on the eyeful turquoise water has been exclusively set for the valuable residents and even visitors , or the panoramic views of the stunning Burj Khalifa and the most iconic vistas in the world as well as the purest Creek views please the eyes literally . Excellent Amenities These 1,2 and 3 bedroom apartments suggest state – of – the – art facilities that make them really spectacular. In terms of interior design, a simple appearance that makes them very sophisticated and well-favored at the same time is considered to be used at these magnificent apartments, even the semi-closed kitchen which shows simple unique colors. Also, floor to ceiling windows makes this cozy space even more beautiful and stylish. Contact US: Zibaoui Chaima Personal number: 971505386163 Whatsapp: 971588586592

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