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For sale in Saburtalo, in the city area (near the metro polytechnic), a newly renovated new corner apartment. The apartment has one large studiotype hall with 2 balconies, one of which has a side view from the River Mtkvari to Mtskheta and the other balcony has a view from the side of the river mTkvari. 1 master bedroom (own bathroom with toilet) and French balcony, 1 master bedroom overlooking the river. 1 bathroom and a fairly large entrance. The apartment is very bright because it is at an angle and the sun is shining all day long. Both bathrooms are equipped with all the inventory (shower, toilet, washbasin, bidet, washing machine corner, dryers and mirrors). Italianmade ceramic granite tiles and heating systems and a tank from the German company Baimak are used in the renovation of the apartment. In short, it is an ideal home for both residential and indoor use. The building itself, where the apartment is located, has a 24hour protection concierge, the whole building is warmed and arranged with high quality materials. Once you have seen a thousand words, it is better to come and explain it to you better on the spot. Only this one apartment is in the whole building, the building is finished and the population is accommodated. Near we have: Tbilisi Sport Palace, Subway, Metro Station, Holiday Inn, McDonald’s, Technical University, Best Western Tbilisi Art, Wine Palace, Insurance Aldagi Head Office, Casino Adjara, Denish House store, Wendy’s, National Scientific Library of Georgia, Public School and many shops groceries and supermarkets. I am the owner, Giorgi Tsakadze +995595555950 Whatsapp, Viber watch video

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